Monday, 12 August 2013


Perhaps today's blog is not much more than an opportunity to print the above portion of an early 19th Century map of County Antrim, but it is the portion which has some small significance for the history of our clan. It was sent to me by a correspondent who believes he is descended from the marriage on 20 May 1713 of James Millikin and Helen McHago in Carnmoney Presbyterian Church. So of special interest is the name on the map of Millikinhill near Ballyclare which we may presume was named for the Millikin-McHago family who stayed in the area and farmed there. I have explained in earlier blogs why I think the name McHago is a variant of either McIlhago or McElhago, a very early clan name.

We do not know the name of Helen's parents, though it is possible that we may know that of a sibling or cousin. Helen was probably born in 1692 and a James McHago about 1699. They may both have been born in Ayrshire, Scotland. James was probably from Dalmellington and on 1 May 1745 married a Jean Booll in nearby Kells, Kirkcudbright. It is from James that the version of our clan name, McHago (or McHaggo) could have descnded. We have no certain vital record until the birth of another James, a hundred years later in Ireland, though we can find a Samuel born about 1750 who could be of the same line. We know of him because he witnessed a Quaker Will in New York City on 18 Sep 1777 (proved 18 April 1780). The reference to this can be found on the olivetreegenealogy website.

The Millikin line is a very interesting one, including another Samuel who was killed at the Battle of Antrim Hill in 1798 when he was a member of the Society of United Irishmen. It is interesting to speculate whether he might have fought alongside Andrew McIlhagga from Island Magee, the only one member of our clan known to have been also a member of the United Irishmen. The Millikin line is much more complete than that of McHago, though the McHago line probably does continue through two offspring of James and Margaret who were I think the parents of Ellen (b. 1827) who married Charles Johnson in Virginia, and John (b. 1828) who married Ann Rieley in Virginia (7 Sep 1850).

We know of a further five McHagos, all of whom could have been the offspring of John and Ann, namely Ellen (b. 1850) who married the German C. Frederick Augustine and had a son James on 13 Feb 1877 in Wisconsin, Tom born 1853 in New Jersey, Kate born about 1855 who married Frank Ladham and had a son Thomas (b. 27. Dec) in Vermont, also in 1877, Edward born 1859 and ?Baba in 1865. A 'final' McHago, Michael, appears a generation later on an 1892 Passenger List out of the United Kingdom.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Letter to South Carolina

I have published a new comment on the blog entry for 4 July 2009. Thank you, Sandra.

Last time I promised the letter to South Carolina. Here it is, with the permission of the Deputy Keeper of Records, Lorraine Bourke, Private Records, PRONI. Its reference number is T3655/1.

To : Robt [Robert?] McCarley
     Charlestown [Charleston?] South
     Newberry Courthouse

From : James McCarley,
       [County Antrim?]

5th October 1824

Dear Son
       I send you these lines to inform
you that your Grandfather is died
7th Nov 1823 and your Grandmother 1 Mon [one month?]
after your Grandfather left me
and the land I opposed and my own house
that I had before your Uncle Moses was
left 30Å“ & his former possessions his Daughter
Jenny 30Å“ your Uncle Mathews [Matthew?]  land
in & my old house in Knockboy together
with your Grandfathers chest & bed
your Uncle Mathew [Matthew?] was left 30Å“ &
your Grandfathers house & his land
your Uncle William was left 1Å“
but it equals him in money I gave
him 7Å“ & Moses 7Å“ & Mathew 7Å“ & 10Å“ that
he got before his death which makes him
equal in money but the land he should
have got was left to Jenny McCarley
at your Grandfathers death [your?] Grandmother
was left 10Å“ & the land & his [clothes?] as
long as she lived but at her death
it was equally divided between I & Moses and
Mathew & Moses children 7Å“ each who
are 5 yrs [years?] & your Uncle Saml [Samuel?]
was left 4Å“ your brother John wants to know whether
he could live better by his trade or Farming
if he was to come
Your brother Stafford has made
a good proficiency in learning
& whether he could better by a Clerk
or Schoolmaster & intends to come
positively again next fall your
sister Jenny is well and is coming
on well and has 2 daughters and a son named
  Corn is from 6/s [shillings?] to 6/s [six shillings?]
8 [pence?] p [per?] cwt [hundredweight?] butter 10/s
[shillings?] & [Carrots?] potatoes [8-?] p [per?]
[bushel?] & pork 50/s [shillings?] p [per?] cwt
[hundredweight?] cotton from 40/s [shillings?] to 200/s
[shillings?] p [per?] [----?] [---?] is married to
Widow Dale and mary Eliza Dale to David McCash
Junior of Knockboy [--?] Thos [Thomas?] Ferguson
is dead and carried out by the Sheriff Saml [Samuel?]
Wilson has bought all that farm and living in it.
We all enjoy a tolerable state of health
and join in love to you I add no more
at present but remain your affectionate
     Father till death 
James McCarley