Friday, 6 March 2009

World Wide

Well over 90% of the 'Clan', both historically and currently, are to be found in the British Isles: Ireland (The Republic and Northern Ireland), Scotland, England and Wales; and in the four countries to which the majority of folk emigrated in the 19th Century, namely Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.  To the best of our knowledge there are just one or two members living today in Spain, Portugal and the Caribbean, to which we must add also the Isle of Man!  I now have to add an historical 'find'. The International Genealogical Index has the record of a 'Christening' on 24th December 1863 of Vicente Adan Mac Elhaga, son of Samuel MacElhaga and Joanna Whete in Rosario, Copiapo, lii-Region, Chile. Vicente is a common Spanish name and Adan is a variant of Adam. Whete is a very rare surname, possibly a variant of White, but does exist in both Australia and the USA. If anyone can throw any light on this 'nuclear' family we would be most grateful.

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