Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Wedding Photograph

The above photograph is of Robert (Bob) McIlhagga and his wife Elizabeth (Lizzie). You may be able to tell from the style of their clothes that the picture was taken in 1940. It was taken by a firm called Thompson of Ballymena, Northern Ireland, after Bob and Lizzie had been married at Clough Presbyterian Church on 26th September. Lizzie was in fact Elizabeth Eaton from Clogh. Bob's best man was his brother William. They were brought up in Ballyweaney. Robert and William were two of seven children born between 1901 and 1921 to Robert Dunlop and Annie (nee Thompson) McIlhagga. Robert Dunlop senior was known as Dunlop and was born at Castlequarter, County Antrim. He became a farmer at Ballyweaney.

It is interesting that William had a twin brother John. William and his wife had twins, a boy and a girl. Dunlop, who also had twins, was one of the eight or nine children of James and Jane (nee Maitland) McIlhagga. James was born about 1840 in Ballyportery, County Antrim. He was a farmer and a butcher. Their eldest son, James, emigrated to Canada. Robert Dunlop was their second son. Some of his family emigrated to Australia and I have to thank his grand-daughter Mary there for the photograph. James and Jane's third son, Daniel Maitland, moved to Scotland where his many descendants now live. James and Jane also had five daughters, the third of whom, Mary Jane, emigrated to the USA. At present the Family Tree headed by James and Jane has 390 known people on it, in three Continents. Comments from anyone in this family would be most welcome.

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  1. the wedding photograph is my granny and granda! am a daughter of Annie Elizabeth McIlhagga. who married William Christie from Ballyweaney.