Saturday, 16 May 2009

Death in Belfast

Through the 'magic' of Google we have received the news of the death in Belfast on 25th April of Martha McIlhagger. She was buried at Roselawn Cemetery. She was the widow of William McIlhagger who predeceased her on 23rd October 1993. They are now buried together in Roselawn. William and Martha had two sons, one of whom, Billy (William Boyd) predeceased them on 15th May 1972 aged 35 (born 5th May 1937). They are survived by their other son who is married with three children and two grandchildren.

This family belongs to one of the most complete Clan Family Trees we have, with 254 people on it, covering eight generations. Martha's husband was the son of William Boyd (born 8th December 1880 in Belfast) who married Eleanor in 1908. He had three sisters, Kathleen, Elizabeth and Elsie. William Boyd had five siblings, all the offspring of George McIlhagger who married Mary Jane Boyd in 1876. George was a Police Sergeant with the Royal Irish Constabulary who spent much of his working life in Laurencetown, County Galway, though he retired to Belfast. George was the son of David McIlhagger and Mary McAusland and the grandson of Robert George and Agnes McIlhagger.

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