Monday, 31 August 2009


The Clan must congratulate today's launch of MapSherpa from DM Solutions Group in Ottawa, Canada. 'DM' is Dave McIlhagga. Dave is the son of a teacher who was born in England who married a girl from Wales. Dave's grandfather was Col. William McIlhagga, Royal Canadian Air Force, born in 1922 in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan. He married April Smith who was an officer in the Second World War in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in England. William's father Andrew lived in Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, 1890-1949. He and his wife Sarah had two sons. The older, Liston Burns McIlhagga will in due course have a blog entry to himself - one of the most interesting men the clan has produced. Andrew's father, William (1857-1931) worked on the Railways in Northern Ireland. He married Mary Spence in 1878 in Ballymena. The progenitor of this McIlhagga line was another William, whose name we know from the marriage record of William and Mary. He worked in the famous Irish Linen Industry. There are 149 people on the Family Tree which contains the above line. Here is the press release for today's launch of MapSherpa:

DM Solutions Group Launches MapSherpa
August 31, 2009

Company: DM Solutions Group
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

MapSherpa delivers personalized print maps of Canada for recreational users

    Ottawa, Canada
      – August 31, 2009 – DM Solutions Group, a leading provider of web mapping products and solutions today launched MapSherpa - an online service that allows users to design personalized high quality paper and printable maps of Canada.

      The primary focus of MapSherpa is to enable Canadian outdoor recreation enthusiasts to create topographic maps that reflect the quality of maps only found in mass print production. MapSherpa’s cartographers have designed the base maps to be appropriate for use in the field by recreation enthusiasts such as hikers, canoeists, campers, skiers and geocachers.

      MapSherpa uses web technologies to allow users to define their exact area of interest, and to add their own content such as camp sites, ski trails, planned canoe routes or a cottage. Once the user has completed all of the specifications for their map – a high quality map is produced, ready for use in the field or to display as a memento of a favourite excursion.

      “MapSherpa’s goal is to deliver maps of equal quality to off-the-shelf paper maps, with the value-add of user defined geography and content,” commented Dave McIlhagga, President and CEO of DM Solutions Group. “The result is single-run map production meaning our users can now produce unique maps that cannot be acquired anywhere else.”

      Consumers can sign up today for a free account at

      About DM Solutions Group

      DM Solutions Group has been exclusively focused on the development of web mapping technologies and solutions since 1998. As a leader in the development of open source web mapping technologies, the company has been able to implement over 100 highly innovative web mapping solutions within numerous vertical markets including real estate, health care, and fleet tracking.

      DM Solutions Group is based in Ottawa, Canada.

      For more information visit

      Dave McIlhagga (
      Phone: 613-565-5056 x15

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  1. Well - this is a piece of coverage of our press release that I have to admit I wasn't expecting!

    My turn for a great discovery -- I'll be watching this blog closely in the future to follow the family name.