Monday, 26 October 2009

Life Calendar

In recent years in the month of October we have published a list of 'life events' in our annual Clan Newsletter and for comparison and information also the events of a hundred years ago. Here is this year's list:


29 March: William Luke McCrae born to Niall Duncan and Stephanie of Little Hallingbury, Hertfordshire, England, a grandson for Donald and the late Kate McIlhagga.


January: John (Jack) McIlhagga of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England (see blog for 17th January);

27th January: June Millar (nee McIlhagga). June was the third of seven children born to Samuel McIlhagga of Coleraine. She was born in 1939. She married Roy Millar and had a daughter and a son. Her grandparents were James Spence and Elizabeth (nee McGrillis) McIlhagga who married in Ballymena. Her great-grandparents were William McIlhagga and Mary Spence both of Tullygarley who were born about 1860. Their fathers were respectively William McIlhagga and James Spence;

25th April: Martha McIlhagger of Belfast, Northern Ireland (see blog for 16th May);

12th June: Margaret (Peggy) McIlhagga, of Belfast, Northern Ireland, wife of the late George Harris.

100 Years Ago

1909: Kathleen born to William & Eleanor McIlhagger, N.Ireland;

1909: George Edward born to David & Elizabeth McIlhagger, Belfast, N.Ireland;

4 Jan: Jane McIlhagga (nee Wade) died, age 71, Greenock, Scotland;

16 Jun: John born to James Spence & Elizabeth McIlhagga, Coleraine, N.Ireland;

22 Jul: William Crawford McIlhagga (infant) died, Liverpool, England;

31 Aug: Joseph McIlhagga married Annie Glenesk, Greenock, Scotland;

5 Oct: Anne McIlhagga married James Bingham, Shankill, N.Ireland;

3 Nov: Harriet Jane McIlhagga married William Robert Girvin, Shankill, N.Ireland;

10 Dec: Clark McIlhagga (infant) died Old Kilpatrick, Scotland;

21 Dec: Mary Kathleen McIlhagger married James Boyd, Shankill, N.Ireland.

200 Years Ago

6 Sep: Ann McIlhagart baptised, Co.Antrim, N.Ireland.


Amy, age 13, (daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.A. McIlhagga) of Ballymena Academy who won the County Antrim section of a National Poetry Competition, whose theme was 'Talkin' 'Bout My Generation';

Jimmy McIlhagga was chosen last season by Ards Football Club, Northern Ireland, Board of Directors as their top player. He is their first team midfielder.

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