Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Agnes McIlhagga of Liverpool

Almost a year ago, on 28th January 2009, I wrote a blog with the title Mother's name reveals more. I explained how I had found two more people for my family tree, one being Lillian Graham. She was the daughter of Agnes McIlhagga, my Great-Aunt, and William Graham. I had also found Lillian's brother Arthur, and I wondered if I would find more family. I promised myself that I would search. As yet I have not made the time - and now I don't have to make time for yesterday one of Lillian's grandchildren posted a comment on the 28th January blog to say that Agnes and William had nine children and that Lillian died in October 1987, which would be in her 73rd year. Agnes and William's eldest child was also named Agnes. She had two sons who now live in Liverpool. Lillian had four children and her descendants include five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. I am hoping that Lillian's granddaughter will get in touch with me again giving me her address - I have suggested a way of doing this without making it public - so that we can correspond. Aren't blogs wonderful!

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