Friday, 19 February 2010

Bits and Pieces

1. I have added an illustration to the blog of 8th February 2009. It is part of the medieval document including the name 'gilmagu', the Latin of the original Gaelic of our Clan name. He was a witness to a land transaction.

2. A correspondent has emailed me to ask if I know anything about two McIlhaggas who went into 'service' in the Irish County Tyrone town of Coalisland, one in domestic service as a 'lady's maid', the other as coachman to the vicar of the parish. I imagine the 'lady' was the vicar's wife! I presume this would have been a young married couple. I have no record of these folk so if this rings any bells, I would be glad to hear.

3. I have today added a note to the blog of 9th January last to report an email from FamilyTreeDNA to say that I have a 37 marker match to my McIlhagga DNA. How interesting!

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