Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Genealogical Next of Kin

Recently I did something that 60% of British People never do - I (re)wrote my Will and sent copies to the two people I named as my executors. I have to say that it is couched in very general terms, making it clear how my estate is to be split between my descendants. I did not include bequests of any specific items, though I have written a letter to make clear some of my wishes. As yet these wishes do not include how the considerable quantity of genealogical data I have accumulated and the studies I have done on this data should be preserved and if possible continued. I know that certain arrangements can be made through two societies to which I belong, namely The Society of Genealogists and The Guild of One Name Studies. However, it would be good to be able to name one or more individual(s) who would be prepared to take some responsibility for the material and perhaps who might wish to continue the study when I am no longer able to do so. Sadly at the present time these people do not exist. If anyone has any ideas, do get in touch with me.

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