Saturday, 26 February 2011

Christchurch and Great-gran

I had a skype call this morning from Western Australia (evening there in 40 degrees!) from a son of Albert Collins (1922-1980) and Agnes McClure McIlhagga (1922-2008) who is collecting together many McIlhagga photographs which I hope to see in the near future. But first, some news of great relief. We've all been thinking of the people suffering from the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, amongst whom is one McIlhagga who works in banking, and is my caller's cousin. Thankfully she is safe, much to the relief of her parents who also live in Western Australia. Her father is one of the children in the above picture, and he is hoping to identify the lady who is holding the baby. Clearly the picture is of four generations. The young lady on the left is Agnes McClure McIlhagga and the other adults standing are her parents, John McIlhagga and Jeannie Anderson Hay. My best guess is that great-gran in the middle is John's mother; they have the same shape face! Also dates fit. The baby was born in December 1950 and the picture was therefore taken in 1951. John's mother, born Agnes Anderson McClure in 1876 was still alive in 1951. She in fact died in 1960. If anyone has other evidence to help with this identification, do please let us know.

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  1. Hi,Regarding the above photo and the identity of the elderly lady holding the baby.
    She is definitely Agnes Anderson McClure lived in Partick, Glasgow, Scotland and died the second half of 1960. Her son pictured had two sisters Marion Meldrum nee McIlhagga and Agnes Chalmers nee McIlhagga. Marion was my grandmother her daughter my mother is Agnes McClure Corbett nee Meldrum. I've a photo of the same elderly lady in your picture seated holding me at my own Christening in Glasgow June 1960.More info for you if you like please contact
    Regards to everyone,