Friday, 15 July 2011

PRONI Wills Index

A correspondent who in his research also includes Samuel Robinson McIlhagga (1872-1941), son of George and Eliza Ann McIlhagga, has kindly sent me a list of references to the name McIlhagga as it occurs in the Wills Index of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. In addition to McIlhagga Wills it records when probate was granted to various clan members. If anyone can confirm further details about these entries I would be most grateful. They are as follows:

Mary Elizabeth McIlhagga of 9 Grand Parade, Belfast; died 1939; probate of will granted to John McIlhagga, retired baker, her husband.

Miss Mary Ross of Tullygarley, Antrim; spinster, d. 1922; probate of will granted to Mary McIlhagga, married woman.

James Sloan, alias James Crawford, of 5 Ailesbury Rd., Belfast, gentleman, d. 1938; probate of will granted to Robert McIlhagga, merchant.

Jonathan Vint of Mount Maon, Greencastle and 96 Patrick St., both in Belfast; wine and spirit merchant, d. 1927; probate granted to Hannah Vint, widow and James Wilson McIlhagga, oil merchant.

James Wood of 3 Maryville Park, retired linen merchant, d. 1929; probate granted to John Leslie Campbell, manufacturer's agent and Henry McIlhagga, linen merchant.

Hugh Craig of Dairyland, Straid, Ballynure and Ballyfore, Raloo, Larne; retired auctioneer; probate granted to William McKinty, tailor, Nathaniel McIlhagga, traveller and Thomas H. Craig, traveller.

Nathaniel McIlhagga, died 1937, of 62 Excise St., Belfast, damask tinter; probate of will to Charlotte, his widow.

Dorothea Crawford, widow, died 1942; lived at 3 Maryville Park, Belfast; probate granted to Harry McIlhagga, linen salesman.

George McIlhagga of 29 North Queen St., Belfast, d. 1914; retired police sgt.; probate to Mary J. McIlhagga, widow.

Samuel Robinson McIlhagga, d. 1941 of Glentaugh House, Annahilt, Hillsborough, Co. Down, dealer, probate given to George McIlhagga, wholesale merchant.

Mary McIlhagga of Newmarket Villas, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim, d. 1940, spinster; probate to Robert McIlhagga, coal merchant and Rebecca Kennett, widow.

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