Thursday, 27 October 2011

Northern Ireland Will Index

One of the things I did on my recent visit to PRONI, Belfast, was to check the Northern Ireland Will Calendar and found the following were the last five recorded:

2002 Feb 22 (Probate) Elizabeth McIlhagga, widow, died 14 Dec 2001;
2002 Sep 16 (Probate) Jeanie McIlhagga, widow, died 25 Jun 2002;
1996 (Probate) George Edward McIlhagger, died 15 Apr 1996;
1995 Mar 28 (Probate) Jessie Elizabeth McIlhagga, died 21 Jan 1995;
1993 Aug 02 (Probate) David Sherwood McIlhagger, died 13 May 1993.

The Will Calendar foes give more detail, including address, occupation (sometimes), place of death registration and amount of effects.

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