Friday, 2 December 2011

Timeline for William

I'm sure that the William McElhagan recorded in the Rent Revision Books for Ballycloghan, to which I referred in my last blog, was my great-great-grandfather, otherwise recorded as William McIlhagga at family events such as Baptisms, and Marriages. It is useful to get an overall view of an ancestor's life by making a timeline for him or her. It will inevitably have some unresolved issues in it, and these can encourage further research on that person. A Timeline for William of Ballycloghan looks like this:

1798 Earliest date for birth, if son of James and Sarah of Shankill;
1807-9 Latest date for birth based on probable marriage date;
1828 Ballycloghan Townland Valuation - Applotment Books. Two plots;
1828-30 Probable date of marriage, maybe in Clogh Presbyterian Church;
1831 Son William born, based on 1851 Census, aged 20;
1832-3 Son John born, Co. Antrim;
1834 Daughter Jane born, Ballycloghan;
1835 Daughter Mary born (?Baptised 26.2.1837);
1837 Son Crawford born, Ballycloghan. Baptised 26 Feb 1837;
1838-9 Daughter Ann born Ballycloghan. Baptised 16 Jan 1839;
1841 Daughter Nancy born Ballycloghan. Baptised 17 Oct 1841;
1844 Daughter Margaret born Ballycloghan. Baptised 16 Jun 1844;
1844 Wife Agnes (nee McCosh) died (?in childbirth);
1851 Weaver (William's and John's marriages);
1854 Farmer (Jane's marriage, Broughshane);
1863 Farmer (Nancy's marriage, Broughshane);
1865 Farmer (Crawford's marriage, Port Glasgow);
1866 Margaret's marriage (Port Glasgow);
1879 William still in Ballycloghan (Rent Revision Book);
1889 Death recorded on son William's death record.

It may never be possible to find exact dates for William's birth and death, or indeed his marriage, unless further information is found. From the above evidence he must have died between 1879 and 1889, between the ages of 70 (if born in 1809) and 91 (if born in 1798).

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