Saturday, 3 March 2012

'Strays' in US Censuses?

Any of the following eleven people may possibly be 'strays' from clan families. If anyone has any clues to where any fit in, do please get in touch:

1840 Census:
James McElhagon, Ohio, Wood County, Troy Township;

1850 Census:
Bridget McHaggart, 23 (born 1827) Maine, Penobost County;
Maria McEllagan, 17 (b 1833) Ohio, Summit Co, Akron Twp;

1880 Census:
Edward McHago, 21 (b 1859) Iowa, Cass Co, Washington Twp;
Maggie McElagin, 16 (b 1866) New York, Franklin Co, Malone Twp;

1910 Census:
Hanna McElhaegg, 40 (b 1870) Pensylvania, Lawrence Co, New Castle, Ward 2;
Wm. E. McElage, 44 (b 1866) Ohio, Buller Co, Middletown, Ward 1;

1930 Census:
Roy McHaggart, 48 (b 1882) Oregon, Klanath Indian Reservation;
Baba McHa?go, 64 (b 1865) Indiana, Parke Co, Recoon Twp;
Mary McAllagay, 68 (b 1862) Illinois, Cook Co, Chicago City;
Mary McAllagay, 17 (b 1913) Illinois, Cook Co, Chicago City.

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