Thursday, 24 May 2012

Galway to 'Aeneas'

I have added a brief comment to the blog entry for 14 May 2010 concerning the name McHaggart.

I have had a note from Jan in Australia (one of our blog followers) commenting on 7 Apr 2012 'Galway middle name' to say she believes this is her grandfather Samuel McIlhagger (son of George McIlhagger and Mary Jane Boyd) who was born in Galway 1886. She kindly attached a copy of his medal card from the National Archives. Somehow a place of birth had become a middle name - not an infrequent thing to happen in Gaelic circles to distinguish people from each other, though I hardly think this could have been the case with Samuel!

Jan has also attached a couple of photos of TSS Aeneas (see above) on which Samuel served as a Merchant Seaman. She says the ship was his pride and joy and that the photo always hung on the wall at home. Thank you, Jan. And I wonder how many other clan family photos there are out there which we would all love to see? Please send them along to me for future blogs.

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