Saturday, 9 March 2013

Drumbeg Gravestone

The Church of Ireland graveyard at Drumbeg, County Down, has a gravestone erected by the Woods family and which includes Ruth McIlhagga who was the wife of William James McIlhagga. He was the son of William a farmer. The stone is in a large low-railed enclosure and reads as follows:

Erected by James Woods of Woodlands
to the memory of his father and mother,
Michael and Margaret Woods.
The former departed this life
March 1812 aged 77 years,
the latter February 1818 aged 79 years.
And three of his children who died young
Also his daughter Jane
who died 11th September 1831 aged 21 years.
Also his beloved wife Fanny,
who died 9th September 1860 aged 77 years.
Here also lie the remains 
of the above named James Woods
who died 21st April 1862 aged 81 years.
Also in loving memory of Margaret Woods,
who died 18th March 1862 aged 20 years.
Adam McFarlane Woods,
died 24th Dec 1862, aged 1 year and 2 months
Fanny Woods died 20th July 1868 aged 27 years
Ruth McIlhagga died 23rd June 1901 aged 49 years
Daughters and son of 
Michael and Elizabeth Woods of Woodlands
Also their son William Woods
died 18th Nov 1914 aged 68 years.

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