Tuesday, 15 September 2009

M.I. in Marlow

One of my objects in publishing this blog is to show as many old clan photographs and Memorial Inscriptions as possible, though I have to say they are 'few and far between'. Today's Memorial Inscription follows yesterday's blog. Among the third generation of the McIlhagga-McCulloch family we have Esther Loakman who, when she was a widow, married John McIlhagga and lived in London. She is on the headstone as Esther McIlhagga, 29th December 1959.

The other two people on the stone are both her daughters, so they take us into the fourth generation. Esther Caroline Belcher was her daughter with her first husband, John Belcher. She died on 28th February 1980. Eileen Margaret Mary Simpson was her daughter with her second husband, John McIlhagga. Eileen married Charles Colin Simpson. She died 17th May 1979. This simple stone is headed, under a cross, with 'In loving memory of', and has under the names, 'Pray for them'. I believe this stone is in the churchyard of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England. These three women lived long lives: Esther McIlhagga, who died at Mount Alvernia, Godalming, Surrey, 91 years; Esther Belcher, who died at Marlow, Buckinghamshire, 90 years; and Eileen Simpson who died at Scarletts Lane, Kiln Green, Berkshire, 71 years.

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