Thursday, 24 September 2009

PRONI moving and SROs

Sometimes new things come on to the Internet which give us extra information. This week two things have been published. First the Scottish Statutory Marriage Records have been brought up to date from 1934 to 2006. They include 9 McIlhaggas and one McIlhagger. Of the nine McIlhaggas 8 are from one family, in fact the one I have been writing about recently, descended from James McIlhagga of Ballyportery. They are the marriages of Daniel (1949), Eric Peter (1991), Grahame (1988), James (1952), Neil James (1993), Richard Graham (1982 and 1995) and Roy (1958). The ninth was my own marriage as I married a girl from New Kilpatrick, Dunbarton. The McIlhagger was John David (1980).

The second thing that has been published is from Ireland. The Provincial Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) is moving to a new site next year and is having to close for nine months to do so. They are therefore putting on line some extra searchable things including a number of Directories for Belfast and Ulster generally. These include a few useful references, as follows:

1884 p225: Gresham St, 22: McIlhagga & Co. Mill and Railway furnishers, dry salters and commission agent.

1890 p93: Belfast Homing Pigeon Society: Committee includes J.McIlhagga;
p255: McIlhagga, James, flaxdresser, 36 Disraeli St
McIlhagga, N.O. (of McIlhagga & Co., Great Patrick St)
Lough View Cottage, Cavehill Rd
McIlhagga & Co., Millfurnishers, 84-88 Great Patrick St.
p360: Berlin St, 53: McIlhagga, Eliza
p485: Island St, 92: McIlhagga, John, Labourer.

1892 p159: Cavehill Rd. (Old) Loughview Cottage, McIlhagga N.O., Millfurnisher
p347: Patrick St, Great: 84-88: McIlhagga & Co. Millfurnishers
p408: ? Rd. 102: McIlhaggan, Mrs.

1895 p25: Aughrim St., 5: McIlhagger, G, pensioner.

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