Tuesday, 5 April 2011

1911 Scottish Census

Today the 1911 Scottish Census came on line at ScotlandsPeople. I simply searched it with the surname McIlhag*. With the wildcard * I got 19 clan results. I also tried McElhag* with zero results. There are 10 females and 9 males, 10 adults (21 and over), 9 under 20 - all teenagers except one one-year-old. There are no fewer than 8 households, three of them being 'single person' (as far as we are concerned) plus one man in the Merchant Navy. 8 people lived in Greenock on the West Coast, the rest in Glasgow, 5 in the district called Plantation and 5 in Possilpark. There are no fewer than four variations of the spelling of our surname: one McIlhaga, six McIlhagga, seven McIlhaggie and five McIlhago. If we compare earlier official censuses, our clan numbers in Scotland have been small but remarkably steady: 1841-7; 1851-9; 1861-14; 1871-21; 1881-23; 1891-22; 1901-22; 1911-19. Next time I'll start to spell out the details of each household.

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