Monday, 11 April 2011

1911 Scottish Detail

In order to access the full details of the 19 clan members in the 1911 Scottish Census I had to download the details of eight different households. Unfortunately the original census forms have been destroyed so one cannot see one's ancestors' handwriting, but one can see the copies made by the enumerators. Thankfully they seem to have had good clear handwriting. First Ina McIlhaga (either wrongly entered by the householder or mis-transcribed - she was a McIlhagga) was staying with Thomas and his 12 year old daughter Catherine G. Philip at 38 Union Street, Greenock. Ina was employed as an 18 year old servant to Mr. Philip who was a Physician and Surgeon. Next we have a McIlhagga family living at 31 Lyle Street, Greenock. James, a Riveter employed in shipbuilding aged 54 was the head of a household of three daughters, a son and a boarder. His daughters were Marion, 33, who appears not to have had paid employment, so one suspects she was the housekeeper. Agnes, 19, was a net worker in a Merino Mill and Isabella, 14 was still at school. The son James aged 12 was also at school. All were born in Greenock. Their boarder was a 24 year old Joiner working for a Builder, David Bell who had been born in England.

The next McIlhagga was Joan aged 22, who was a Domestic Servant working for Robert, 36 and Marion, 40 Anderson at 17 Robertson Street, Greenock. Robert was a 'Public Accountant'. Next we come to Catherine M.C. McIlhagga aged 24 who was working as a Domestic Servant at 1 Margaret Street, Greenock, for Daniel 58 and Margaret 56 Kerr. Daniel was a 'Factor to Trustees'. They also had in the household a 26 year old Cook, Margaret McKechnie. She was a highlander from Argyle who spoke both Gaelic and English. Next is listed James McIlhagga aged 24 who was a 'Seaman AB' in 'Foreign Trade'. On Census night he was on board Numedian in Princes Dock, Glasgow Harbour.

We move to a variant surname with Mary McIlhaggie aged 29 and her son John aged one. They lived at 22 Blackburn Street, Plantation, Glasgow. Mary is described as Head of Household who had been born in Govan. In the Census columns 'Particulars as to Marriage' it states that she had been married for three years (so married in 1908) and that she had had one child. We now come to a household of eight people, three of whom are William McIlhaggie 59, who is a Labourer with the Town Council, born in Greenock, Martha McIlhaggie 22, who was a Restaurant Waitress and 19 year old Thomas McIlhaggie who was a Cook (vegetable) with the Marine Merchant Service. These three were 'in-Law' relations to the head of the household, Adam Woods McLellan aged 36, who was a Blacksmith in a Horse & Hoeing Forge. They were respectively Father-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law. This means that Adam's wife Matilda (34) was William's daughter. Adam and Matilda had three children, Rachel 12, Jessie 9 and William 6.

Finally we come to the five members of the McIlhago family at 40 Murano Street, Maryhill in the Quod Sacra Parish of St. Cuthbert in Glasgow North. George aged 48 was a 'Railway Constable' with the Railway Company. He had been born in Ireland. His wife Isabella, 42 was born in Colyston, Lanark. They had three teenage children, Margaret 19, a Milliner, Harry 18, a Railway Booking Clerk and James 14, a Clerk with a Granary Warehouse. All the children were born in Glenboig(?), Glasgow. Next time I will compare the 1911 Census with the 1901 and maybe earlier Censuses.

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