Thursday, 18 August 2011

McIlhagga - Woods

A correspondent in Australia has identified two of the people in my PRONI Wills Index (15 Jul 2010) as siblings. They are James Wood who died 1929 and Dorothea Crawford who died 1942. The probate of both Wills was granted to Harry McIlhagga. This was Harry who married Sara Laura Browne, and whose mother was Ruth Woods, another sister of James and Dorothea. Harry had two sisters, Elizabeth and Margaret, both of whom were given Woods as a second name. Harry's father was William James McIlhagga, son of William. The 'naming pattern' was followed for William James's first daughter (Elizabeth). We know this from the 1911 Census. So in all probability the 'naming pattern' was followed for his second daughter (Margaret). This would mean that Harry's grandfather, William, was possibly married to a Margaret. Unfortunately at this time this possibility doesn't give us a firm identification of this family. If it did, we could probably make a link to the wider clan family.

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