Monday, 27 February 2012


There is an Internet site that I have not come across before and looks very well designed, It is called Its home page has the following introduction:

Our Military Genealogy site is the ONLY location where you can find military records of over 3.5 million British Armed Forces personnel exclusively cross matched with over 4000 Regiments, Bases and Ships of the British Armed Forces going back to before 1350, making your military genealogy task much easier and more complete.

Military RecordsOur site is split up into different sections with name searches of forces records for those personnel whom either died in battle or those still alive today, and our history search details information of just about every unit ever created in the British Armed Forces.

I put 'McIlhagga' in to the search box and got the following results, one of which was new to me:

Boar War 1899-1902:
John McIlhagga, Private 1902;
Victorian Conflicts 1857-1899:
William McIlhagga, 1897;
WW1 1914-1919: H. Mcilhagga, Pte, 1917;
R. McIlhagga, Rifleman, 1917;
WW2 1939-1945:
Samuel McIlhagga, Gunner, 1944;
W. McIlhagga, Flight Lieutenant, 1944;
William John McIlhagga, Private, 1945;
Forces Reunited - Living Veterans:
Robert McIlhagga, Ranger, 1985.

'McElhagga', gave me

WW1, Serjeant John McElhagga, 1916.

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