Thursday, 23 February 2012

Scotland and Australia in touch

Recently I received a comment on a blog that I was very excited about because it contained an answer to a question someone had asked. It was confirmation of the name of a person in a photograph - see my blog of 26 February 2011 where I published the comment.

I have written about this particular family on no less than six occasions and have included four photographs. The story began on 9th Feb 2010 linking Ballyclug in County Antrim, Ireland to Partick in Scotland. My correspondent who sent the comment lives in the west of Scotland and over the past few weeks I have been having very interesting email conversations with him in which I have been able to share much material new to him and he has shared with me information gleaned from elderly relatives he has been able to interview.

All my previous information about this family has come from a part of the family which emigrated from Western Scotland to Western Australia, with whom the Scottish branch has completely lost touch. So the really interesting part of the process has been that, with the permission of both sides, I have been able to pass on a contact address. The intention of my Scottish correspondent who is a Half-2nd-Cousin of my Australian contact is to be in touch with Australia in the near future. One of the many reasons why I am glad I write this blog.

If you want to read all that I have written about this family you can find it under the following dates: 9 Feb 2010, 3 Apr 2010, 11 Jun 2010, 28 Jun 2010. 2 Jan 2011 and 26 Feb 2011.

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