Thursday, 12 April 2012

Postal Service and a Marriage Bann

The Internet site '' has published a number of recently digitised resources two of which have produced results for 'McIlhag*'. The first is the British Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737-1969. There are three clan members listed, one each in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The earliest is Margt McIlhagga who was in fact my Aunt Margaret. She was appointed on 9 March 1915 as a Typist in Liverpool. She would have been only 17 at the time. I know that she became a telephonist so I might have misread the handwriting of the original. The second person was James McIlhagga who was appointed as a Wireless Operator in June 1941 in Scotland. No town is mentioned. He couldn't have been James my 3rd Cousin, son of Greenock parents, for he was born in 1926 in America! So who was he? The third person was Eva K. McIlhagger appointed as a typist in Belfast in 1933. In December 1942 she was promoted to Traffic Assistant. She was only 16 in 1933, so would have been 25 when she was promoted. My understanding is that she was to marry William Charles Clinton Pelham-Fynes, though when I do not know. She must have been over 25 when they married. Eva Kathleen was daughter of David McIlhagger and Elizabeth Sherwood. She was born in 1917 and died in 2002 in Lisburn, aged 84.

The final 'clan' reference is a bit of a mystery. I'm sure it is an error. Arthur McIlhagga is listed in the West Yorkshire, England, Marriages and Banns 1813-1935. His name is on a Banns Certificate dated 11 June 1905, with no proof that he ever married one Annie Turner, in the parish of Bradshaw, St. John. I have looked carefully at the original and I'm sure the surname is not McIlhagga, though I cannot decipher the poor handwriting. The only clan 'Arthur' known to me is Arthur Joseph McIlhagga AKA Darwood, born in 1927 to John Joseph McIlhagga AKA Norman John Darwood and Margaret Lillian Fink, and, apart from the time scale being wrong, he was born in America!

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    My name is Kathleen letten, and William Charles Clinton Pelham Fynes 1st cousin of my Father John William Hollings. William married Eva Kathleen Mcilhagga inIreland around 1959 They moved to Pudsey West Yorkshire where William died in 1965, and Eva returned to Ireland after his Aunt Elizabeth died who lived with them. i have researched the Fynes family and have quite a lot of information as my Greeat Grandmother was Betsy Fynes from Old Woodhall Lincs.