Saturday, 5 June 2010

Isle of Man

There are today McIlhaggas who live and work in the Isle of Man. I chanced upon the website called CensusOnline and put in McIlhag*. Strangely it did not produce the Liverpool family to which I referred on 11th January. It did produce William Boyd McIlhagger aged 20 in Hampshire. He had been born in Belfast and was in the Army. Also a James McIlhaggie aged 18, was born in Scotland. No residence is recorded for him. However, most significantly three people are listed in the Isle of Man in the Census for 1901 in England and Wales. This is the first time I have come across any historical references to the Island. The three are Barbar (?Barbara) McIlhaggart, 35; Joseph McIlhaggart, 40 and Margarette McIlhaggart aged 12. All were said to have been born in Scotland and lived now in the Parish of Marown, right in the centre of the Isle of Man, in fact in the only parish which does not border on the coast. Interestingly, Joseph was a Shepherd. I have searched my birth records and all the earlier Censuses taken in Scotland and as yet cannot find any reference to Joseph. I do have just one other reference to the Isle of Man, to the death of James McIlhagger, born 1913 who died 2nd November 1986, aged 73 in the Parish of Onchan. As I pointed out on 29th October last, he was the son of David and Elizabeth (nee Sherwood) McIlhagger of Belfast. He married Ethel Neville in 1939 and had two sons. I have no idea what took him to the Island, possibly a holiday. Any further information about clan members in the Island would be very welcome.

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