Tuesday, 1 June 2010

One 'g' McIlhaga

In the FamilySearch website there are nine clan names spelled with one 'g', as McIlhaga. Three of them certainly belong to the family I have written about a couple of times (see blogs of 9th and 10th Nov 09 and 20th Feb 10) namely Margaret daughter of Samuel McIlhaga and Grace Marrs, born 1870 in Ballymoney, William John Marrs, son of Samuel McIlhaga and Grace Marrs, born 26th August 1877 in Belfast, and John Wellwood McIlhaga married in the June Quarter 1941 in Dublin South. Others are simple droppings of a 'g' in the marriage of Nathaniel Owens McIlhag(g)a and Henrietta Wilson in 1866, and possibly James born September quarter 1916 in Ballymena, who may be the son of James Dunlop McIlhagga, though he may also be a son (unknown to me) of William John Marrs McIlhaga. Also Daniel Mc'Ilhaga born 1868 in Ballymoney is probably the son of James McIlhagga and Jane Maitland. Also Rebecca McIlhaga is given as the mother of Elisabeth Dunwoodie at her birth on 3rd June 1881 in New Monkland Landward, Lanark, Scotland. Her father was David Dunwoodie. Rebecca was the daughter of William Gage McIlhagga and Mary Houston. This is a family for which I have no fewer than four spellings of our surname - McIlhaga, McIlhago, McIlhaggie and McIlhagga.

This leaves me with just two people who need further research. On 17th March 1881 Elizabeth McIlhaga is given as the mother of James Johnston in Greenock Middle Parish, Renfrew, Scotland. His father was Robert Johnston. This is a new record for me, which I can check on by looking up the 1881 Census on the ScotlandsPeople website. My records include the marriage of Robert Johnston and Elizabeth McIlhagan in 1877 in Greenock. If I also look this up on ScotlandsPeople hopefully I'll find Elizabeth's parents' names. I will be intrigued to know if They are one of two possible couples I know about. The first is Francis McIlhag(g)a(r) and Nancy Fletcher of Ballymuckvea. The other is John McIlhagga and Mary Stewart of Ballycloughan. Both these couples had a daughter Elizabeth in 1853, about the right year for her to be married in 1877. The final McIlhaga record is one which I have not been able to trace further yet. It is for the marriage of Jane McIlhaga in the June Quarter of 1908 in Belfast. Strangely the Ireland Civil Registration Indexes only give this very basic information, though I believe this to be her marriage to Thomas Robinson on 8th April 1908 in Clifton Park Congregational Church. Her father was James.

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