Thursday, 10 June 2010

Laurencetown, Onchan and Knockbride

The above photo has kindly been sent by a correspondent in Australia who is the great-granddaughter of the first name on it, George McIlhagger (1848-1914) and Mary Jane Boyd (1849-1929). His great-great-grandson took the photo when he was working in Ireland. The stone is in the Belfast City Cemetery. George was a Police Sergeant in the Royal Irish Constabulary, first in Belfast and then in Laurencetown, Co. Galway. Earlier today I received a message from my correspondent about my blog on the Isle of Man (5 June) with reference to George's grandson, James McIlhagger, born 1913 and who died at Onchan in the Isle of Man. She wrote, "James was the Secretary for the Bank of Ireland and went to the Isle of Man for work. He was my mother's mother visited him there in 1974. William Boyd McIlhagger was also mentioned (in the blog)... he was my g'father's brother - I found him on the UK 1901 Census transcribed under "Schagger" - (you really have to be a detective don't you?)".

I imagine she must have entered a wild card before 'hagger' so I tried it on the 1901 Census Online. I didn't get 'Schagger' but I did get three of my family members who had been mistranscribed and whom I assumed had been missed:

Crawford Mctehagga, 61, born Ireland, Balamina (sic), Parish: Bootle Cum Linacre, Lancs; Occupation: Labourer.
Elizabeth Mctehagger, 53, Born Ireland. Knockbride; Parish: Bootle Cum Linacre; and
John Mctehagga, 21, born Liverpool; Parish: Bootle Cum Linacre, Lancs; Clerk.

Crawford was my great-grandfather, and for the first time I have learned where my great-grandmother was born, Knockbride, which is in County Cavan, now in the Republic of Ireland. Thank you Australia!


  1. My Family are from Knockbride, still there, some of them. You should look on a new online census, just published, which covers all Ireland, inc Co. Cavan 1901 & 1911. Just Google it and follow the threads. Good luck.

    Tony Reynolds

  2. Thank you, Tony. Very helpful. I will do that.