Monday, 20 December 2010

McIlhagga F - G

I'm back to the Family Search 'McIlhagga's', to see whether there's anything new or needing further research. There is only one 'F', the death of an infant female in the October - December quarter of 1914, in Belfast. With no name given I imagine this was a death at or very near birth. I'm afraid I have no knowledge of which family this birth/death belongs to, and would welcome any further information.

There are three 'Gs', two George's and a Georgina, and they all give us new information. The one with the least is another infant birth/death, but this time with a name, George, again in Belfast in the July to September quarter of 1916. And again I have no further information to be able to fit this birth/death into a family. The other two are father and daughter. George was the eighth of the nine sons of Nathaniel Owens McIlhagga and Henrietta Wilson. He had been born on 14th June 1888 in Belfast and in the 1911 Irish Census he was recorded as a Carpenter. By 1919 he had emigrated to Canada where on 20th of August of that year he married Ella Fossey. We know the date from a letter Henrietta wrote to her youngest son, Joseph. For some years George and Ella lived in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, for that is where Georgina Lillian was born on 24th November 1930. Clearly the name Georgina was a feminization of George. Lillian was possible for her aunt Elizabeth who was known as Lily. At some stage, perhaps on retirement, the family moved to Nanaimo, British Columbia. There George died in his 72nd year, on 17th June 1959. His wife Ella outlived him, though by how long I do not know. Their daughter Georgina married Robert Lawrence Wilson. She died at the young age of 35, also in Nanaimo. These records give us (for the first time) the name of George's wife (I had wrongly thought it was Mary Jane) and the facts that they had a daughter, her spouse's name, and the date of her death. I have no knowledge that they had any other children, not whether Georgina had any offspring.

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