Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wills of Henry, George and Samuel Robinson

I have added the Full Abstract of the Will of Henry McIlhagga alias M'Ilhaga to the blog of 12 July 2009.

I have also added the full abstract of the Will of George McIlhagga (alias McIlhagger) to the blog of 28 October 2009. In that blog I said that George's widow, Mary Jane, had to pay £130 Estate Duty. The Will Calendars at PRONI make it clear that George left effects worth £130. It was a mistake for me to say she had to pay £130 Estate Duty. In fact she had to pay Estate Duty on £130 which amounted to £1.10s.0.

Another of the 'PRONI Wills' is for Mr. Samuel Robinson McIlhagga. 'SR' was the second son of George McIlhagga, a Merchant in Maxwellswalls, Connor. He had married Elizabeth Ann Robinson, hence Samuel's second name. George had always been a 'white collar' worker, with records of him as a Merchant, then as a Clerk. Samuel Robinson, his son, had also always been in some form of 'trade', with records of him being a Linen Remnants Salesman, A Wood Coal and Coke Merchant, a Hawker and a Dealer, which he was at his death at the age of sixty-eight. His Will not only gives us new information about his occupation, but about his residence and of course the value of his 'effects'. The Will was proved at the Belfast Registry. There is no image of the Will but the full abstract reads:

McIlhagga Samuel Robinson of Glentaugh House Annahilt Hillsborough county Down died 17 October 1941 at The Belfast Infirmary Administration Belfast 6 May [1942] to George McIlhagga [son] wholesale merchant. Effects £319.17s.5d.

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