Sunday, 19 December 2010

Probate Index update

On the first of August last I listed sixteen clan related Wills or Administrations known to me at that date. Since then a few more have come to my notice on each of which I have commented individually. The list now contains twenty three names and is as follows:

1667 Inverness, Scotland: Farquhar McIntagairt

1734 Maybole, Scotland: Jonet McIlhagow

1764 Burlington, USA: James McElhago (witness)

1777 New York, USA: Samuel McHago (witness)

1818 Islandmagee, Ireland: Samuel McIlhaggo

1835 Ballymena, Ireland: Margaret McElhago

1886 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: Henry McIlhagga

1896 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: John Wilson McIlhagga

1901 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: Archibald McIlhagga

1904 Belfast, Ireland & Courtrai, Belgium: Samuel McIlhaga

1905 Belfast, Ireland: Nathaniel Owens McIlhagga

1912 Belfast, Ireland: Mary McIlhaggo

1914 Belfast, Ireland: George McIlhagger

1919 Belfast, Ireland: David McIlhagger

1927 Liverpool, England: Margaret McIlhagga

1931 Tullygarley, Northern Ireland: William McIlhagga

1937 Belfast, Northern Ireland: Nathaniel McIlhagga

1939 Belfast, Northern Ireland: Mary Elizabeth McIlhagga

1940 Liverpool, England: Margaret McIlhagga

1940 Whiteabbey, Northern Ireland: Mary McIlhagga

1941 Hillsborough, Northern Ireland: Samuel Robinson McIlhagga

1942 Belfast, Northern Ireand: William Boyd McIlhagger

1948 Northern Ireland: James Spence McIlhagga (Executor).

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