Friday, 9 November 2012

Public Domain

Recently in this blog I have included a number of lists of clan births, marriages and deaths. There are more, in particular the England & Wales Birth Index 1931-1996, and the England & Wales Marriage Index 1916-1999. However, the majority of people on both these lists are or could be alive, and I have tried to keep to the principle that I shouldn't refer to people who are alive without their permission. So, for the time being I have decided not to print these lists. Of course I understand that they only contain information which is in the public domain and which is therefore accessible to anyone who takes the trouble to look it up, so what I am happy to do is, if anyone writes to me, I will do a 'look up' for them for any particular person and send the information in an email. I hope this is helpful. There are 111 people on the Births list and 54 Marriages, all McIlhagga.

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