Thursday, 1 November 2012

McIlhaggar births and baptisms

Yesterday I produced the 'Ireland Birth and Baptisms' records from for the surname spelling McIlhagga. Today I'm continuing the same records but with the spelling McIlhaggar. All are from the parish or district of Galgorm, Ballymena. Unlike yesterday, I am italicising those that were new to me:

John, 4.11.1868, John+Mary Atkinson;
Eliza Jane, 9.11.1871, John+Mary Atkinson;
George, 15.11.1871, Matilda McIlhaggar;
John Bell, 21.7.1873, William+Mary Jane Bell;
Agnes, 4.12.1874, Frank+Mary Jane Brown;
[female], 6.9.1869, Matthew Barr+Matilda McIlhaggar;
Samuel, 15.10.1870, Matthew Barr+Matilda McIlhaggar;
Margaret, 28.5.1875, thomas Francey+Jane McIlhaggar;
James, 1.12.1867, Thomas Francey+Jane McIlhaggar;
Martha, 7.3.1874, John Fullerton+Mary McIlhaggar;
James, 28.4.1869, Robert John Millar+Mary Mcilhaggar;
Elizabeth, 14.1.1871, Robert John Millar+Mary McIlhaggar;
Jane, 8.8.1873, Robert John Millar+Mary McIlhaggar.

Again, you will spot one name with no father recorded, because the father's name is not known.

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