Friday, 25 January 2013

Probate update

I published a Clan Probate Index in August 2010 referring to 16 clan or possible clan Wills. I updated it in December that year adding seven more references. I added a further six names in July 2011 of people to whom probate had been granted, and a further five in October last and I made comments on seven in November. It might be useful now to give a full list of Wills and Probate records where a clan name occurs. It reads as follows, with a current total of thirty eight references:

1667 Inverness, Scotland: Farquhar McIntagairt
1734 Maybole, Scotland: Jonet McIlhagow
1764 Burlington, USA: James McElhago (witness)
1777 New York, USA: Samuel McHago (witness)
1818 Islandmagee, Ireland: Samuel McIlhaggo
1835 Ballymena, Ireland: Margaret McElhago
1886 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: Henry McIlhagga
1897 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: John Wilson McIlhagga
1901 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: Archibald McIlhagga
1904 Belfast, Ireland & Courtrai, Belgium: Samuel McIlhaga
1905 Belfast, Ireland: Nathaniel Owens McIlhagga
1912 Belfast, Ireland: Mary McIlhaggo
1914 Belfast, Ireland: George McIlhagger
1919 Belfast, Ireland: David McIlhagger
1922 Tullagarley, Antrim: Mary McIlhagga (Probate)
1927 Liverpool, England: Margaret McIlhagga
1927 Belfast, Northern Ireland: James Wilson McIlhagga (Probate)
1929 Belfast, Northern Ireland: Henry McIlhagga (Probate)
1931 Tullygarley, Northern Ireland: William McIlhagga
1937 Belfast, Northern Ireland: Nathaniel McIlhagga
1938 Belfast, Northern Ireland: Robert McIlhagga (Probate)
1940 Belfast, Northern Ireland: Mary Elizabeth McIlhagga
1940 Whiteabbey, Northern Ireland: Mary McIlhagga
1941 Liverpool, England: Margaret McIlhagga
1942 Hillsborough, Northern Ireland: Samuel Robinson McIlhagga
1942 Belfast: Harry McIlhagga (Probate)
1943 Belfast, Northern Ireand: William Boyd McIlhagger
1948 Northern Ireland: James Spence McIlhagga (Executor)
1951 London: Robert McIlhagga
1954 Liverpool: Lindsay McIlhagga
1956 London: Adelaide McIlhagga
1957 Belfast: George Robinson McIlhagga
1962 Belfast: Harry McIlhagga
1964 & 1988: Northern Ireland: William McIlhagga
1993 Belfast: David Sherwood McIlhagger
1994 Bayswater, NZ: John McIlhagga
1995 Ballymena: Jessie Elizabeth McIlhagga
1996 Lisburn: George Edward McIlhagger
2002 Belfast: Elizabeth McIlhagga

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  1. I have added 1994, John McIlhagga whose Probate was dealt with in Bayswater, New Zealand, where he was an Accountant.