Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Scotland's 1905 Valuation Roll

On 1st April last I reported that ScotlandsPeople had put on line the Scotland 1915 Valuation of Property Roll, on which there were five clan heads of households. They have now put on line the 1905 Roll. I put the same 'McIlhag*' in to the search box and this time received four results, three the same people as in the 1915 Roll (Clark, James and George). They are again all Tenant Occupiers of Houses, as follows:

1. William MacIlhage, 87 Burnhouse Street, Glasgow; Ref: VR102/578/773;
2. James MacIlhagga, Upper Cartsburn Street, Greenock; Ref: VR36/61/51;
3. Clark MacIlhaggy, 13 Grace Street, Govan, Lanark; Ref: VR107/227/624;
4. George MacIlhago, 40 Murans Street, Glasgow; VR102/578/347.

Although the transcription spells Mc as Mac this is not necessarily the case in the original document. It is interesting to note variations in the spelling of the surname, even between 1905 and 1915, and we can note that only George was living in the same house ten years later.

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