Friday, 22 February 2013

Charity Passed On

A further cutting from an Australian newspaper follows up the one I published in this blog on 14th February about a train crash. I think we may be proud of the action taken by John McIlhagger.

A transcription is as follows:

At the time of the Traveston railway disaster one of the victims was Mrs. Isabella M'Ilhagger, of Edina Street, North Bundaberg, and her husband Mr. John M'Ilhagger lodged a claim for the full compensation of £2000. The Department temporised for a long time and at last tendered through the Public Curator a cheque for £46.1s.6. Mr. M'Ilhagger and his eldest son, Mr. Joseph M'Ilhagger, also a resident of the city, felt that this was more of the nature of a sop than compensation when it was remembered that in Parliament a statement was made that £11,000 had been distributed. Mr. M'Ilhagger told the "Bunderberg News and Mail" that in the circumstances he thought the proper destination of such "charity" was a charitable fund. He chose the Ambulance as that and on Friday night banked the cheque to Superintendant Miller for the use of the Brigade.

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