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Apart from the 1901 Census anomaly which treats 'Mc" as a middle name, and so for a time prevented me finding McIlhagga in England and Wales, I have noted several instances of our full clan name being used in this way, though have not before attempted to bring all the instances together. A recent author on names calls surnames used as middle name 'Surmids', hence the title I've used for today's blog.

First, however, let me mention one or two notable examples of other middle names used by clan members. Adam White McElhago (b.1831) and John White McElhago (b.1834) have their mother's maiden name as their middle name. She must have been very influential in their lives as this line, a generation later, when they emigrated to New Zealand, adopted White as their surname, as they do to this day. They have, however, in at least one family brought back McElhago as a middle name. There are a number of other maternal names used in this way though none which have 'taken over' a family. These include McCulloch, McClurkin, McClure, Ingram, Carroll and Wilson.

If we now move on to versions of the clan name being a 'Surmid' we find the 1911 Census has a Samuel McIlhaga Johnston aged 6. Was this his mother's surname? Probably yes. The internet site GenealogyBank cites Evelyn V. McIlhagga Milligan who died in 1999. From where did she get her middle name? In earlier blogs I have mentioned John and Sarah McIlhagga of Belfast having a grandson John McIlhagga.... John McIlhagga Collins (1945-82) was the son of Albert Collins and Agnes McClure McIlhagga of Glasgow. Marion McIlhagga Meldrum was daughter of William Broadfoot Meldrum and Marion (Minnie) McIlhagga. Robert Dunlop McIlhagga and Annie Thompson of Castlequarter had a granddaughter Annie McIlhagga..... Mrs. McIlhagga and the late Mr. McIlhagga of Wales have two grandchildren, Cameron McIlhagga.... and Catrin McIlhagga.... William McIlhagga Boyd was the son of James Boyd and Jane McIlhagga (b. 1873). John McCalmont and Martha Forbes of Islandmagee had a son Samuel McIlhagga McCalmont.

The following names can be found in published lists of births, marriages and deaths:
Jane McIlhagga Rush (b.1920), Belfast;
Agnes McIlhagga Clarke (b. 1908), Ballymoney;
John McIlhaggard Wilson (b.1895), Belfast;
Elizabeth McIlhaggs McPhee (b.1910), Ontario;
John McIlhagga Forbes (d.1894);
Robert McIlhagga Kennett;
Ryan McIlhagga Diamond;
George McIlhagga Whiteside.

I would be very glad to know of other examples of 'Surmids'.

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