Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Street Directory update

From time to time I have referred to facts about people which can be obtained from a Street Directory. The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) updated its Street Directory page about six weeks ago, so I looked for any references to our clan name. There were entries in the Directories for 1870, 1877, 1890 and 1892. The following is a summary of the information:

1870 Belfast Directory

57 Boundary Street, Saml. M'Ilhaggo, car owner; p.218;

1877 Directory for Belfast & Ulster

Alphabetical Directory, p. 433:

M'Ilhagga, G, Clerk, 66 Eglinton Street,
M'Ilhagga, John, Clerk, 99 Charles Street South,
M'Ilhagga, Saml. Flaxbuyer, 33 North Queen Street,
M'Ilhagga & Co., Mill Furnishers, Oil Merchants & Commission Agents, 5 & 6 Albert Square;
M'Ilhagga, Nathaniel O. (of M'Ilhaggo & Co.), Antrim Road

1884 Directory for Belfast & Ulster

38 Lavinia Street, M'Ilhagga, W., Commercial Traveller; p. 247;

1890 Directory for Belfast & Ulster, p. 664

Mill and Railway Furnishers:
M'Ilhagga & Co, 84 to 88 Great Patrick Street;

1892 Directory for Belfast & Ulster, pp. 96 and 159

Belfast Homing Pigeon Society.
The objects of this Society are the promotion, training and improving of the homing pigeon. The Society has races during the Summer season. The subscription is 5s. per annum, with a small entry fee. President - Lavers M. Ewart, Esq, J.P.; Committee [includes] J. M'Ilhagga.

Streets: (Old) Cavehill Road. M'Ilhagga, N.O. Mill Furnisher.

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