Wednesday, 18 November 2009

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I wrote about families at Islandmagee between 4th and 12th June last. Yesterday I received a comment from a descendant of the Aiken line which Mathew Aikin (or Aiken), whom I mentioned on 8th June, belongs. My correspondent has a full family tree of the Aiken family which I have been able to consult, for which I am very grateful. I will write about a problem this has raised for me next time. He kindly also sent me the URL for a number of County Antrim graveyards which include Ballypriormore on Islandmagee. This includes a McIlhaggo family, the MI which I quoted on 4th June. The transcription gives a different age for the death of Samuel McIlhaggo, 53 rather than 57, so I may have to revise his birth year to 1833 (from 1837).

I checked the other graveyards which have been transcribed and found two McIlhaggas in Connor New Cemetery and one in Kirkhill Cemetery, Connor. I already knew about the Kirkhill MI and I quoted it on 2nd February. The two in Connor New are new to me and they both add to our knowledge. They read as follows:

1849. McIlhagga. In loving memory of Nathaniel Owens 1834 - 1905; His wife Henrietta 1849 - 1939; Their daughter-in-law Sara Jane 1886 - 1913; Her son Robert 1911 - 1930.

1937. McIlhagga. In loving memory of Nathaniel McIlhagga, beloved husband of Charlotte McIlhagga, died 22nd March 1937 aged 41 years.

In addition to the McIlhaggo grave in Ballypriormore the Internet site provided me with the grave there of Catherine whom I believe to be a daughter of Samuel and Ellon McIlhaggo and sister of William. She married Arthur Forbes. Her MI (Memorial Inscription) reads:

Erected in memory of Arthur Forbes who departed this life 5th Mar 1873 aged 75 years. Also his beloved wife Catherine Forbes who departed this life 27th June 1882 aged 76 years.

One of Arthur and Catherine's daughters was also Catherine who married a Napier. Good fortune also provided the following MI which surely must be hers and that of their seven children (and so great-grandchildren of Samuel and Ellon McIlhaggo):

Napier. Erected by Catherine Napier in memory of her husband John Napier who died 14th Oct 1900 aged 71 years. Their daughter Maggie who died 27th Aug 1888 aged 20 years. Their son Robert who died 23rd Mar 1898 aged 17 years. Their daughter Catherine who died 25th Feb 1902 aged 35 years. Their son James who died 8th May 1904 aged 30 years. Their son Arthur Forbes who died 30th Aug 1908 aged 43 years. Their son John who died 26th Nov 1916 aged 46 years. The above-named Catherine Napier who died 8th Apr 1921 in her 83rd year. Their daughter Eliza died 6th Feb 1952 in her 89th year. Their daughter-in-law Margaret Jane, wife of John Napier, died 16th Oct 1953.

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