Monday, 9 November 2009

A Middle McIlhaga

Every few months I go through the Google results when I put clan names in the search box. Occasionally I find something new of interest! Today it is the use of McIlhaga as a middle name for Samuel aged 6 in the 1911 Census of Ireland. He is the middle child and second son of William and Sarah Johnston living at 33 Jersey Street, Shankill, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. I would expect a second son to be named after his maternal grandfather. If this was the case we are looking for a Samuel (probably McIlhaga) who had a daughter Sarah who married a William Johnston. Sarah was 36 in 1911 so was born about 1875. William and Sarah's eldest son (Robert) was born in 1904 so they were probably married about 1903. Do we have anyone who fits any of these criteria? I'm afraid not, so if anyone out there has any clues to Sarah's of Samuel's identity, please get in touch.

PS. William and Sarah's third child was a girl called Evelyn. Was she called after Sarah's mother? And what about the surname McIlhaga, spelled with one 'g'? I'll explore that in another blog.

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