Friday, 20 November 2009

Problem solved?

The problem posed in my last blog has I think a probable and simpler solution that the ones hinted at earlier. I searched the IGI for any references and found an Islandmagee (mistranscribed Islandmager) marriage of Eliza Acken to 'Hoy' born in Ballypriormor(e) on the peninsula. I admit this is a marriage which has been submitted by an individual after 1991 and such entries are notorious for their errors, but this one looks as if it has a sound basis in fact. I think it would make total sense if Eliza's parents were Mathew Aiken and his wife (Samuel McIlhaggo's daughter). It is very frustrating that we do not have her name. So I think that the Aiken family tree, kindly shared with me by my correspondent, may be missing out a generation. Mathew didn't marry Eliza and have a daughter Mary. He married Samuel's daughter and had a daughter Eliza who had a daughter Mary, and if this were the case the age gap of 16 years between Mathew and his wife disappears.

A time-line would then look like this:

1758 Mathew Aiken born;
1774 Mathew Aiken married daughter of Samuel McIlhaggo (although he was only 16. They realised she was pregnant);
1774 Eliza Aiken (Acken) born to Mathew and daughter of Samuel;
1792 John Aiken born to Eliza Aiken (Eliz aged 19. Born out of wedlock, which is why he has the surname Aiken!);
1794 Eliza Aiken (Acken) (aged 21) married Hoy (born Ballypriormore). Marriage on IGI. [Was her middle name Brennan?];
1795 Mary born to Eliza Hoy (nee Aiken);
1810 John born to Mary (aged 15) Hoy. The father was Napier;
1810 Samuel makes his Will. His daughter, granddaughter (Mary) and ggrandson (John) are all alive;
1815 Mary Hoy died end of July, aged 20;
1818 Samuel dies. Will proved end of July. John aged 9 inherits his mother Mary's interest in Carspindle;
1830 Mathew Aiken dies aged 72;
1838 Eliza Hoy (nee Aiken) dies aged 64. She is called Eliza Aiken on the Ballypriormore grave - it was very common to revert to a maiden name as a widow.

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