Wednesday, 4 August 2010

An Illustration and Jane's death in 1909.

First, a note to say that I have added an illustration to my blog for 3rd February 2009. 'Celtic Beginnings - Continued'. It's a piece of sculpture from the 16th Century but refers back to the 7th.

Another early blog I am updating is that of 22nd January 2009. I am presently checking all our Irish clan births, marriages and deaths which can be found on the FamilySearch new Pilot website. I was surprised to find a death in the January Quarter of 1909 for Jane McIlhagga of Ballymoney. To the best of my knowledge there is only one clan Jane who died in that quarter and she was my great-great aunt who married Robert Wade. She died on 9th January 1909 in Greenock, Scotland. The Irish record gives her birth year as 1834 which is probably correct for by gg-aunt. Is it possible that she has two entries for her death, one in Scotland and one in Ireland? I had occasion to write about the Scottish record in January 2009 because it has a glaring error in it, giving the maiden name of her mother as Linton when it should have been McCosh. There is in fact an entry in the Edinburgh Register Office Directory of Corrected Entries dated 8th June 1909 which probably corrects this mistake. I'm afraid I do not have a full copy of the Irish entry to verify that it is indeed for the same person, but I know of no other Jane who would 'fit'. Her husband Robert predeceased Jane, so I wonder if for some reason her body was taken back to Ireland to be buried, and if so, whether this required an Irish register entry as well as a Scottish one? And why Ballymoney? She originally came from Ballycloghan near Broughshane.

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  1. Oh no! How wrong can you be! I'm going to leave this blog as a lesson to myself. I have now found the Irish Jane. She was born Jane Middleton and married James McIlhagga, son of William, a weaver (like the father of 'my' Jane, also William a weaver, both Williams born about 1798). Both James and Jane died in early 1909, Jane in Ballymoney!