Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Scot in Wales

All Saints Church, Loughguile, Co. Antrim

I am learning that there are a number of people who chance on this blog 'by accident'. Some get in touch, and this week include a Scot who lives in North Wales. It turns out that he is related to Annie Elizabeth Wright who married Daniel Maitland McIlhagga on 31st March 1891. He is her great nephew (or grand-nephew if you prefer). He has told me that he has a number of documents relating to the marriage of Daniel and Annie, and to the birth of their first six children. This includes a birth certificate of a son of whom I had not heard, namely John Houston Wright McIlhagga. I wonder where the name Houston comes from? Could he possibly be related to John McIlhagga of Maxwellswalls who married Mary Houston? Daniel and Annie in fact had ten children (to my knowledge), three girls and seven boys. My correspondent has not only offered me copies of the documents, for which I am most grateful, but also an obituary of Annie's father which mentions Daniel McIlhagga(r), and also a photograph of the church in which they were married, All Saints Church of Ireland, Loughguile, County Antrim, which I will put at the head of this blog.

He has said that he would like to be in touch with any descendants of Daniel and Annie. I have identified two with whom I have corresponded in the past and have emailed them to ask whether I may pass on their names and addresses. They are, for my correspondent, both second cousins, once removed - that is one generation younger than himself. One lives near Edinburgh and the other near London. There have been a good number of occasions when I have been asked for family contacts and, with care not to break confidences, I have done my best to put people in touch with each other.

The family to which Daniel belongs goes back another three generations to Nathan(iel) McIlhaggar of Carnmoney who was born in 1758. He married Betty Burney whose ancestors can be traced back another three generations to Patrick McBurney who we know was alive in 1686. I am grateful to a correspondent in London for this information.

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