Monday, 23 August 2010

A McIlhaggo middle name

It is particularly interesting when parents give a version of our clan name as a middle name and I have noted several instances of this happening. It is also intriguing to know why other middle names are given. Often it is to 'keep alive' the surname of a mother or a grandparent. Perhaps sometimes it is to honour someone else. Often the reason remains a mystery. A case in point is the eldest daughter of Henry McIlhaggo (b. 1821) and Agnes McMeekin. She was Elizabeth Ingram McIlhaggo (b. 1856). Henry's mother's maiden name was Houston. Agnes' mother's maiden name is unknown to me, and it could have been Ingram, and by tradition a first daughter is called after the maternal grandmother. There was certainly an Ingram family in the Maxwellswalls area of County Antrim. A Jane Ingram married John McCullough whose sister Elizabeth married John McIlhagga who was a first cousin (once removed) of Elizabeth Ingram McIlhaggo - not a blood relation, but perhaps a good family friend?

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