Sunday, 1 August 2010

Probate Index

The Guild of One Name Studies, to which I belong, has, by collating submissions from its members, compiled a number of indexes which are helpful for advancing our studies and in particular for compiling our family trees. Two in particular are very useful, the Marriage Index and the Probate Index. Having recently contributed to the Marriage Index I decided to compile a clan Probate Index from which I can add to the Guild one. It won't contain many entries, but each entry is potentially valuable to someone. I have collected copies or details of only sixteen Wills or Administrations but they are all fascinating. I have referred to most of them in this blog over the last eighteen months and I thought it might be of interest to list them here, if only to ask that if anyone has any more clan Wills or Administrations (for people who died intestate) I would be only too pleased to add them to the list. So here are my present sixteen:

1667 Inverness, Scotland: Farquhar McIntagairt
1734 Maybole, Scotland: Jonet McIlhagow
1764 Burlington, USA: James McElhago (witness)
1777 New York, USA: Samuel McHago (witness)
1818 Islandmagee, Ireland: Samuel McIlhaggo
1835 Ballymena, Ireland: Margaret McElhago
1886 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: Henry McIlhagga
1896 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: John Wilson McIlhagga
1901 Maxwellswalls, Ireland: Archibald McIlhagga
1904 Belfast, Ireland & Courtrai, Belgium: Samuel McIlhaga
1905 Belfast, Ireland: Nathaniel Owens McIlhagga
1912 Belfast, Ireland: Mary McIlhaggo
1914 Belfast, Ireland: George McIlhagger
1919 Belfast, Ireland: David McIlhagger
1931 Tullygarley, Northern Ireland: William McIlhagga
1948 Northern Ireland: James Spence McIlhagga (Executor).

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