Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Blood Group in Calgary

There is a new Canadian Discovery Portal where you can search archive material for your ancestors. I looked for any McIlhagga references and there was just one, in the Glenbow Museum. It was the above picture of a group of men who in November 1955 had attended a blood donors session in Calgary, Alberta. The picture was published in The Albertain, November 23rd, 1955, page 3. It was taken by Jack De Lorme of Calgary. The picture is entitled 'Fraternity gives blood'. The eight people in the picture who are seated round the two tables are named, with the comment "(s)hown being served coffee and cokes by Red Cross House staff after giving blood. Mrs. Jennie Shannon and Mrs. Pearl Anderson are shown serving the boys". The fourth person from the left is named as Al. McIlhagga.

I have looked at my clan births, marriages and deaths records, and I'm afraid I cannot identify 'Al'. Presumably Al is short for Alastair or Albert or conceivably even for Archibald. From the age of the men they must all have been born around 1930, and it is possible that 'Al' is still alive. Maybe of course 'Al' was a nick-name, rather than a short version of a first name. If anyone can identify our clan member, I would be most grateful.

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