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McIlhagga - M

There are 16 clan 'M's in the FamilySearch Beta website, the first of which is simply a 'McIlhagga' who was married in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 1894 to Lizzie Jane Patterson. I published this as a 'stray' US marriage on 1st October last. The man was Robert Dunlap (sic) McIlhagga and the couple were married on 5th January.

We now have eight Marys. The first Mary McIlhagga died in the Registration District of Antrim in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1910, aged 76, and so was born about 1834. I do not know who this is. Second, we have Mary McIlhagga who was married in Ballymena in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1911. I do know that this Mary was the daughter of a John McIlhagga and that she married John McNeice at Wellington Street Presbyterian Church. Third, we have Mary Ellen McIlhagga who died in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 16th January 1941 aged 59 years 9 months and 5 days. This gives us her birth date as 11th April 1881. She was born in Manitoba to Mathew and Margaret Kennedy and was widowed at the time of her death. Her maiden name is new to me, as is her place of birth. She was in fact the widow of John Hutchison McIlhagga. Fourth, we have Mary Kathleen McIlhagga married in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1909 in Belfast. This is a surname mis-spelling. Mary Kathleen was the daughter of George McIlhagger and on 21st December 1909 she married James Boyd at Fortwilliam Park Presbyterian Church, Belfast.

The fifth Mary McIlhagga record is of the birth of a son John on 28th August 1879 to Mary and her husband John Fullerton, in Ballymena. I don't know where this family fits into a clan tree, and I suspect that we have a mistranscription here. In my records I have not a Mary but a Margaret McIlhagga marrying a John Fullerton on 8th January 1872. She was the daughter of James McIlhagga and the marriage took place in Connor Church of Ireland where one of the witnesses was Eliza Ann McIlhagga. Next comes a marriage which I can fit into a clan tree, that of Mary [Jane] McIlhagga to Charles E. Thistleton which took place on 15th September 1910 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA. Some good information is included in this record: Charles was born in England in 1878, Mary in Ireland in 1878, Charles' father was George and his mother was Emma Lees. This is the clan family with its origins in Carnmoney. The seventh Mary McIlhagga was the wife of Robert John Miller. He was the son of James and she the daughter of William. They were married in Ballymena 3rd Presbyterian Church. Although I do not know to which clan family they belonged, I do know they had a son William Alexander on 25th December 1875 in Ballymena. The eighth and final Mary reference is another birth, of Margaret Jane on 9th March 1865 in Connor, to Mary McIlhagga and William Christy. My records also spell their name Christie and have them marrying on 30th August 1859 at Connor Presbyterian Church. As with other folk in the parish of Connor, you won't be surprised to know they belonged to the Maxwellswalls family.

After eight Marys we now come to three Margarets. First is the marriage of Margaret McIlhagga in Belfast in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1915. From other information I know this was part of the Maxwellswalls 'clan', daughter of Archibald M(a)cIlhagga and Agnes Jamieson, who on 6th January married Joseph Adams at Agnes Street Presbyterian Church. This marriage produced seven children including a boy called Nathaniel Silvey Adams. The second Margaret is I believe another misspelling. She is the mother of four children: a female (unnamed) on 23rd February 1865, Helena on 10th February 1867, Mary on 13th September 1871 and James on 8th Marcy 1877. The first three were born in Ballymena and the fourth in Antrim. Their father was John Hill of Ballymena whom Margaret married I think on 1st November 1854 at Kirkinriola Church of Ireland. I suspect we have here again a misspelling of McIlhagga for McIlhagger and that Margaret was the daughter of a shoemaker in Harryville, Ballyclug, called Crawford McIlhagger. She also married a shoemaker. Although I have quite a large McIlhagger family tree I'm afraid I don't know how this nuclear family fits in.

Finally we have three Matildas, one Martha and one Minnie, about all of whom we know very little. Matilda of Ballymena died in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1911 aged 26 (so born 1885). Matilda of Belfast was married in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1916. Another (I presume another) Matilda McIlhagga of Belfast married in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1917. Martha McIlhagga of Ballymena died in 1875 aged 85. This means she was born in the 18th Century (1790) and this record therefore gives us one of our earliest clan members in Ireland. I wonder who her parents were? Lastly, Minnie McIlhagga was born in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1910. Sadly she also died in 1910. Any information about any of these people would be most welcome.

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