Saturday, 8 January 2011

McIlhagga P - R

The FamilySearch Beta Internet site has one 'P' McIlhagga and eight 'R' McIlhaggas. I know nothing about the family of Patricia McIlhagga who was born and died in 1920. She was born in Ballymena, County Antrim, and died during the Jul-Sep quarter.

The first 'R' is also a birth, but this time in Scotland. She was a daughter for Rebecca McIlhagga and David Dunwoodie of New Monkland, Lanark. Rebecca was the daughter of William Gage McIlhagga and Mary Houston. Rebecca and David's daughter was born on 9th November 1869 and they called her Ann.

Back to Ireland for five deaths. Reginald was born and died (in the Apr-Jun quarter) in 1934 in Dublin North Registration District. Reginald was the first child for Richard McIlhagga and Madeline Robinson. Sadly he did not survive infancy, though there were to be seven siblings. Also sadly their next male child (and number three) Richard also died in infancy in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1939, this time in the Dublin South Registration District. The third 'R' death was of Robert McIlhagga in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1912. He was 52 years old. He died on the 13th October and was married to Margaret Craig. Robert was the son of James McIlhagga and Jane Middleton. Fourth comes a Robert about whom I know nothing. He died aged 34 in Belfast in the Jul-Sep quarter of 1913. His estimated year of birth is therefore 1879. I have searched for him in both the 1901 and 1911 Censuses. Last, we have the death of Robert McIlhagga in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1921 in Belfast. He was only 29. I have tried to identify him from either the 1911 or the 1901 Irish Census. However there is no Robert who was 19 in 1911 or 9 in 1901. The most likely candidate I think is Robert who in 1901 lived in Maxwellswalls, the son of Agnes McIlhagga. He was then aged 11. By 1911 the family had moved to Diamond Street, Belfast.

Finally we have two Robert marriages. The first Robert McIlhagga married in Ballymena in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1914. I can identify this Robert as the son of William McIlhagga and Mary Spence. The marriage took place on 30th May 1914 at Ballymena 3rd Presbyterian Church. Then we have Robert Dunlap McIlhagga to whom I have already referred in my blogs of 1st October and 6th January last.

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