Wednesday, 12 January 2011

McIlhagga - S, W

I come to the last of my surveys of the FamilySearch Beta Internet site. As I do so, I can tell you it is no longer a 'Beta' site, but a fully fledged site - do they call them 'Alpha'? A couple of days ago I added a comment to 'McIlhagga - N' (7 Jan), just one extra person. Today I have two 'S's and five 'W's.

Sarah Jane McIlhagga died in Belfast in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1918. She was said to be aged 27, so having an estimated birth year of 1891. These facts may well be correct; however the 1911 Census indicates a birth year of 1897, giving a death age of 21. She was the daughter of William Gage McIlhagga and Jane Todd. Another Belfast 'S' was Samuel who married in the Jul-Sep quarter of 1920. He was the son of Robert McIlhagga and Margaret Craig who married Mary Hunt (daughter of Henry) on 7th August 1920 in St. Ann's Church of Ireland.

William, the eldest child of John McIlhagga (son of William, a Weaver of Tullygarley) and Mary Ann Atkinson (married at Balyclug Church of Ireland) was born in Antrim (town or county?), Ireland, on 28th March 1866. Another William, son of Wilson McIlhagga, married Jenny Stewart on 3 Jan 1868 at Buckna Presbyterian Church, Ireland. The interesting question for me from this entry is 'who was Wilson?' Could he be the John Wilson McIlhagga, son of William, a Farmer in Maxwellswalls? We now move to a Scottish marriage. William the eldest son of the eldest son of William McIlhagga and Agnes McCosh, married Rachel Mclelland (sic) on 31st December 1873 in the Middle or New Parish, Greenock, Renfrew. In accord with a good Scottish practice, this ceremony took place in The Free Church Manse. The fourth William McIlhagga is in another Irish marriage, this one in Ballymena. The record simply says he married in the Jul-Sep quarter of 1910. In fact he married Matilda Allen on 22nd September at Ballymena Baptist Church. Both were aged 26. I'm afraid I don't know to which Family Tree this couple belong. Neither do I know to which clan tree my final William McIlhagga belongs. He was the son of William McIlhagga and Elsie Kelly. He died only one day old on 18th July 1930 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.

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