Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Another ScotlandsPeople update

First, a Happy New Year to all who follow this blog! On 1st January each year ScotlandsPeople updates the births, marriages and deaths available on line. This year they are the births for 1911, marriage for 1936 and deaths for 1961. There are no new McIlhagga births or marriages, but there are three 1961 deaths. The first was a male who died aged '0' in Springburn, Glasgow City (GRO 644/04/1006). The second was Margaret McC McIlhagga, also known as Haggarty, aged 80 of Bridgeton, Glasgow City (GRO 644/02/0105). The third was Marion McIlhagga aged 84 of Greenock, Renfrew (GRO 564/00/0885). Finally there was the birth of Jane Young McIlhaggie in Govan (GRO 646/01/0774).

The infant male death was of a three day old premature baby, who died on August sixth at 4.45am. He was the son of Roy and Jane Darg (nee Smith) McIlhagga of 2334 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow. This was Roy and Jean's third son. Roy was the fourth child and third son of James McIlhagga and Jean Walker Wallace of Ballymena, and grandson of Daniel Maitland McIlhagga and Ann Eliza Wright of Castlequarter, Co. Antrim. This line goes back to the birth in 1758 of Nathan(iel) McIlhaggar of Carnmoney, and on the female side (Nathan's wife) to Patrick McBurney there who was flourishing in 1686.

Margaret McCulloch Haggarty, formerly McIlhagga was a single nurse of 8 Balvicar Drive, Glasgow, who died at 9pm on February fifth at Belvidere Hospital. She had Bronchia Pneumonia. Her younger sister Elizabeth McIlhagga of 13 Boclair Road, Bearsden, gave notice of her death. Although for a reason which is not known Margaret had changed her surname, clearly Elizabeth did not. Margaret's death record says she was 'about 80 years' old. In fact she was seventy nine. She would have been 80 five weeks later, on 17th March. She was the third child and second daughter of James McIlhagga, a Riveter, and Joanna, nee McCulloch. James was my first cousin twice removed, being the son of William and Elizabeth (nee Carson) McIlhagga. Margaret was born in Greenock but at some time had moved to Glasgow, no doubt taken there by her profession as nurse.

Our third death, of Marion McIlhagga was in fact that of Margaret and Elizabeth's eldest sister, also single, though with no stated occupation. She, who was also born in Greenock, also died there on 3rd November 1961 at 11.40 pm, at 14 Wellington Street. She was 84 years old. I had already recorded this date from the Greenock Cemetery records, though not the time or the address. Notice of Marion's death was given by her sister Catherine McIlhagga.

Finally, the birth of Jane Young McIlhaggie took place at 8.30am on fifteenth November 1911 at 22 Blackburn Street, Govan, Glasgow, to James McIlhaggie, a Seaman in the Merchant Service, and Mary McIlhaggie, nee Young, who had been married on 30th October 1908 in Govan. Mary gave notice of the birth in Govan on 1st December. I am delighted to say that Jane is an addition to my own family tree (but where did the variant McIlhaggie come from?) and gives me a new third cousin. This James was the fourth son of William Carson McIlhagga, the son of William McIlhagga and Elizabeth Carson of Ballycloghan, County Antrim.

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