Saturday, 28 January 2012

Three Marriage Queries

I have spent some time recently searching the resources offered by and have found a few references that were new to me and I would be interested to know if anyone can throw any more light on them.

1. In the GRO Consular Marriages (1849-1965), number 110 is for Isabella E.M. McIlhaggo, at Antwerp, Belgium, 1906-10. Isabella usually spelled her surname McIlhaga and her middle names were Emily Marrs. I believe she married Samuel Bowden and last year I was pleased to hear from one of the Bowden family, with the above photograph which it is believed is of Isabella. The new information is that her marriage was registered with the British Consul.

2. Jane McIlhagge was married in Fylde, Lancashire in 1889 to George Taylor Birkett. I am wondering was she possibly the Jane McIlhaggie/McIlhaggo born in Connor in 1863 to Henry McIlhaggo/McIlhaggie and Agnes McMeekin? Does anyone know if this marriage had any offspring?

3. Alan McIlhaggen was married in Fulham, London in 1971 to Heather A. Henderson. I am wondering whether this was Alan McIlhagger son of William Boyd McIlhagger and Martha? Also, by the way, I have no record of Martha's maiden surname. Also Alan had a brother, William Boyd McIlhagger. Does anyone know whether he ever married or had a family?

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